SPLINTERLAND - Got 617 Dark Energy Crystals in Daily Quest Rewards

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Today's quest was Death and it was very hard to complete because I fight too few battles with Death Splinter. I fight battles with Death Splinter only when there is no option to choose another splinter, because of this I had to lose a lot of battles to complete this quest, but completing this quest was great and I got great rewards by completing it. When I was completing this quest, I had dropped from the Gold 3 League to the Silver 1 League so I got 4 loot chests. Sharing the picture of rewards below.

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Dark Energy Crystals

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Naga Assassin

PELACOR DECEIVER Pelacor Descent 3 of 4 - In the war, many innocent sons of the sun and daughters of the moons were killed. Venus and Portia of the Angel Realm equipped the women of Solaki with powerful new forms of Angel magic that should never have been shared. This breach of magic allowed all solakari and lunakari to elevate themselves. The women of Lunaki would no longer require male seed for reproduction, and the men of Solaki would continue to grow in power. The Angels freed the last of the women from Solaki and delivered them to Lunaki, but then a greater war began in the Angel Realm.


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