Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: SCAVO FIREBOLT

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Greetings friends, it's been an extremely busy weekend, and I finally got my weekend off to a new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge and decided to try out some strategies with the SCAVO FIREBOLT archer.

Since the card has a relatively low summon cost and no abilities, I often used it in battles with little mana or the Back To Basics rule to give it a decent use. Most of the time it gets destroyed very quickly by Sneak cards, so I can't say it's my favorite.

Either way, it can be used in a good way (with Yodin Zaku summoner, for example), but today I was lucky enough to beat a level 5 opponent with this archer and a pretty strong selection of Water monsters.

So my lineup was as follows:

MALRIC INFERNO Summoner, which enhances melee monster attacks.


CERBERUS on the first position, with a good attack and the ability to regenerate his health.


On the second position is a fierce AGANJU, which at a very low cost of the call, reinforced by the summoner becomes very dangerous for the enemy tank.


The third position is occupied by SERPENTINE SPY, which is probably one of my favorites, possessing great speed and brilliantly destroying weak enemy cards.


In case the opponent is very strong, and to distract his cards with Opportunity ability, I put SCORCH FIEND on the fourth position, especially since I don't have to pay any mana for it, which makes me very happy.


The SCAVO FIREBOLT archer took the fifth line, and I was counting on it to be a "goodwill" for the enemy's first position, which is hit by CERBERUS and AGANJU (reinforced with a summoner)


The combo ends with CREEPING OOZE, which lowers the opponent's card speed. A very useful card that I've been using regularly since almost my first days in Splinterlands.


My opponent put together an interesting attack combo of CRUEL SETHROPOD and PELACOR BANDIT, seriously boosting their speed and defense with KELYA FRENDUL and VENARI WAVESMITH, but I was very lucky. His cards missed a lot, but my archer dealt damage, and the last couple of turns were very stressful.



Such a win :) Happy to share the experience and hope we'll meet on the virtual battlefields :)


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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice battle! Thanks for sharing!