Bxie Infinity - 1st AMA

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let me update you now about the latest news in Bxie Infinity project
yesterday the very First AMA took place in their discord server
there were 3 of the Bxie team members who actually got involved
a female, with a beautiful voice and two guys
the girl was asking some of the questions the community placed and the 2 guys answered them

it was a very quick AMA , i think it lasted approximately 20-25 minutes
but i believe it was a successful one as i got some of the answers i was looking for and to tell you the truth i felt a bit more confident about the legitimacy of Bxie Infinity
of course this doesn't mean that anyone can guarantee the success of the game

let me display the most critical points of this AMA session

  • first of all they made clear that Bxie Infinity has no affiliation or connection to Axie Infinity
    like all forks Bxie is a fork from Axie and it is built on Binance Smart Chain which means lower transaction fees

  • in order to make the investors and the community feel safer the founders will lock their funds in liquidity pools for 3 years
    i really have no idea how this can be done but surely if they do this you get some guarantees that it is not a rug-pull or scam or whatever

  • they said that according to plan Bxie Infinity is about to be released on January 2022 for gamers to play
    its internal token though, BXS , will be listed in Pancakeswap on the 26th of December

  • another feature the game will provide is that you will be able to stake BXS in order to get returns
    so as far as i understand no matter if you play or don't play the game you will still be able to get something in return by staking BXS

  • lastly they underlined the importance of using Trust wallet or Metamask wallet to connect with the game in order to maximize safety and declared that anyone who cheats in pre-sale airdrop by creating multiple accounts in order to receive referrals will be disqualified and won't get the bonuses


i believe these points were the most important
if anyone of you was there, can correct me or add below in the comments what he/she thinks was more crucial
i don't know why guys but i believe in this project, i've heard many rumors without true evidence that they will scam but after yesterday's AMA i feel a bit more confident about them
the airdrop pre-sale will last for 19 more days and during this period of time you can get your FREE Bxie upon registration
in case you intend to invest the minimum amount is 0.1 BNB and the maximum 20 BNB
for 0.1 BNB you get 5000 BXS
for registrations in case you wanna use my ref-link, here it is https://www.bxieinfinity.com/airdrop?r=2ikhei




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Is this different from the AXIE INFINITY?

yes it is different...please read the post....i'm saying this clearly in the post