Thunkgaria is LIVE!!

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Good day Players!

Thunkgaria is Live!!!
Season Zero is underway!!
Head over to to learn how to play

As our Player-to-Player (p2p) NFT Marketplace is not live during this season. (The development is taking a bit longer)
We want to still reward players for playing this season.

So today we are announcing a total prize pool for the Season of 1000 Hive!
Once we see how many players we have I will post a break down of payouts.

But I can talk about a few things.
We are looking at PvE & PvP rewards. So rewards based on your arena ranking and rewards based on your dungeon achivements.

We are also going to be giving out a non-Hive reward.

Design a new game ITEM or Dungeon/Monster
At the end of the Season the top PvE & top PvP player will be contacted and giving the opportunity to work with the design team on a new item / dungeon / monster for Season 1 and the Live World.

This will be a reward that will live on in the game.
If the top players are not interested we will go down to the 2nd place players and so forth until we get to the 5th ranked players.

This is something we plan on doing every Season for the winners.

Well that is all for now.
I will see you in the dungeons.


I'm already in, and I was looking for this day for a long long time! By the way, is there a way to link the account to the Hive account? Or how do the reward system working?

 2 years ago 

We are not supporting Hive or any other blockchain login's at this time as we are trying to onboard non-crypto users.

Once the Player-to-Player marketplace is up and running we will see if we can add this function as the Marketplace will require a Hive login to use.

We were hoping to have it ready for this launch but a few of our developers have been really sick (COVID) on and off for the last 2 months. So things are a bit delayed.

We have a lot coming! Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Love the direction you and the team are taking this project! The market place is a perfect area to implement and benefit from the value of blockchain [immutable leger].

This is the future, where blockchain works in the background to document and secure assets, allowing access to secondary markets so players can realize future value for the loot they've earned. Not upfront where they often only serve to hinder onboarding and UX. You're ahead of your time. 🚀

I used to have a lot of respect for this project until simplegame Decided to ban me from the server for bringing Up some questions. This is the most centralized project on hive, This would have been much better served as a browser-based Database game. The developer has no concept on how to harness the power of Blockchain… No opportunity to earn, no in game currency that is tradable, and lackluster marketplace. I was flat out told to "play elsewhere" if I don't like it, so that's what I will be doing. Players beware, a complete waste of time when you can be playing other games that reward you for your efforts.

Very disappointed in the direction things are going… Maybe come back in a few years when they figure it out.


 2 years ago 

We will be using the blockchain for Player-to-Player transactions just as we do in Holybread. This has been stated over and over in our roadmaps.

I do not agree with your concept of "investors" and this has upset you since we acquired Holybread back in May 2020.

Holybread will continue as it has since May this is a new project.

I wish you the best of luck as always and all of our information about our goals and direction are publicly posted on my blog for anyone to read.

So no comment on why you band Me from discord? Without "investors" there is no incentive to play, It doesn't matter what you call them, they are players and players are what matter… You have a lot to learn

 2 years ago 

Agreed players are what matters.
You will never make all players happy.
We are enjoying our game with our player base and I hope you continue to find enjoyment in your future endeavors.

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