Tag #BATTLE on All Your Gaming & NFT Content!

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About time right? Blockchain gaming and NFT's do go hand in hand!

Starting today you can officially tag #BATTLE on all your #NFT content and as always your #gaming content too!

After all you can buy NFT's with BATTLE ($BATTLE) at HIVE blockchain games like dCity and RisingStar. So it's a no brainer really 😆

The @battlegames account votes with HIVE, BATTLE, PAL, and NEOXAG, we stake all of these coins. Tagging #battle on your best NFT & gaming content gives you a chance to earn all of these coins!

How To Earn $BATTLE Tokens?

Start tagging your #NFT or #gaming content with the #battle tag. It's that simple.

BATTLE token rewards received on your gaming content are payed out with 40% being liquid, and 60% being staked. These staked coins add up and allow you to reward other NFT & gaming content creators with BATTLE by voting on their great posts.

The @battlegames account curates NFT and Gaming content with a vote that includes HIVE, BATTLE, PAL, and NEOXAG. Tagging #battle on your best gaming content gives you a chance to earn all of these coins!

Trade $BATTLE on the LEO Exchange

If you have extra BATTLE sitting around please consider adding it to our exchange of choice at Leofinance.io.

The amount of tokens for sale is looking pretty scarce these days, we need more sales!


See you on the battlefield


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Thanks a lot for this cool initiative! At first when I saw this BATTLE tokens in my wallet I thought "WOW A NEW HIVE GAME!!!" 🤣
But this is nice too, to have a common denominator token that you can use here and there in all the games. I think it will also help to make the community more cross-gamer, so when you find a new Hive user you both can talk about 2 or 3 different games that you both play...
Thinking out loud... Battlegames or NFT created with them could be used as some sort of AMIIBO in the ecosystem...
Imagine a Holybread character using a BattleGames exclusive shield, or a special suit in EXODE with the BATTLE logo, or ofc a building in DCITY called "BATTLESTOP" Like a Gamestop Battlegames exclusive NFT... 😁
Maybe Im dreaming too much! hahaha

Spot on, all great ideas! We're lucky enough to already have an NFT in dCity, the ProGamer! 😎 You bid on this NFT with $BATTLE through their website, new auction every 24hrs apx. We have some plans for Exode too, including a handful of rental account ready to go.. good times

Just to clarify, do you want me to put #battle tags on my NON-gaming related NFT's?

yup, anything NFT related is good to go.