Rabona Soccer Manager | Updated Roadmap Hints at Future Tokenized Teams!

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Updated Roadmap from Rabona Soccer Manager includes Tokenized Teams

Among a few key updates slated for Q1 2021 is the ability to tokenize your team, essentially creating shareholders that will share in your franchises profits. How awesome is that? Very likely a first of its kind in the blockchain gaming and NFT space!

The updated Rabona roadmap goes on to say:

Top clubs will seek investors, who will become partial owners by buying club tokens. Investors at their turn will receive an ROI for their contribution in funds instead of time, and gaming skills. One club can have many co-owners simultaneously, all sharing the rewards.

Rabona Soccer manager is already a fairly feature rich game out of the gate.

Macro team lineup management aside there are many aspects to your franchise that can be upgraded and optimized, from ticket, merch, and food prices to back office scouting and contract negotiating skills. It's already a fairly deep game but things are only just getting started at Rabona!

Also included in the updated roadmap is the future ability to stake RBN (Rabona's native in-game token) to earn dividends, and Tournaments including a Rabona Cup 🏆, and custom tournaments created and configured by players!

Very excited to see where things go from here! If you haven't yet started your Team feel free to use our Rabona referral here (It will earn us both some RBN tokens). Happy gaming! 👊


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I've been playing this game casually manage to end in third place of my week last season. It's good to know that the game is being updated and upgraded, I have seen many good changes since I started playing the game.

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smooth beta so far right? 3rd is good! next season 1st 🏆

Yes! The beta is going great! Not sure what else I can do besides investing more. This is my leagues' tables.


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stats looking good, you've got goals and defense..

It has really improved a lot since the game's release. I already came in second in the championship. I want to get up in the league soon hahaha ...

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gotta move up! I grabbed a new D man this season, hopefully i can get the GA down a little more..

It will be really cool when we have these updates in the game. Rabona will be one of the biggest blockchain-based games in the world and I'm not just limiting myself on Hive blockchain.

If the RBN team continues the excellent work I am sure they will achieve this status.

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 2 years ago (edited)

I would have to agree with you! Soccer/football is obviously a huge sport globally, that combined with the simple and easy to use interface, this game could get huge!