Our Delegators Have Passively Earned Nearly 500 HIVE

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The Battlegames Delegation Rewards Pool program is a unique curation program that supports Hive's gaming content creators while rewarding our delegators.

25% of All Account Rewards Are Distributed To Delegators!

How It Works:

Each month 25% of total Claimed Rewards on the @battlegames account is placed into a Delegation Rewards Pool and payed out to program participants in HIVE.

Total Claimed Rewards by the @battlegames account includes all HIVE and HBD rewards earned through:

  • Published Posts
  • Comments
  • Curation!

Invest In Community and Earn!

Can you believe we're in our 10th month already! and to date our delegators have passively earned nearly 500 HIVE.

Annual APR of Apx. 9%

Program participants earn an average APR of apx 9% for their contribution.

The minimum delegation for program participation is currently 100 HP.

We thank everyone for your contributions large or small, they all make a difference! We look forward to putting your HP to work for you, rewarding gamers, building our curation account, and earning you some passive income.😎


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