Paper Pete and BoyCharlieFamily City 2 - Articles of Action: New Business Mint Program

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Welcome to the @boycharliefamily city, a nation of the @boycharliefamily #dcity collective and managed by Paper Pete.

I, Paper Pete, am the Treasurer of the collective and manage what is known as the "family fund".

With the "family fund", I provide liquid SIM grants based on the needs of the @boycharliefamily dcity collective associated nations or partners.

"@boycharliefamily #dcity collective Mayoral Committee Members" like Paper Pete create Articles of Action to use this SIM token funding and deliberate to investors of the collective.

"family fund"

The "family fund" is composed of SIM tokens from donating nations and is held in @boycharliefamily city.

@boycharliefamily880,000 SIM800,000 SIM POWER

This requires each city to hold 8,000 SIM Tokens. Any additional tokens earned through daily income is transferred to @boycharliefamily city.

Articles of Action - New Business Mint Program

Paper Pete - Worker ID#
@boycharliefamily city - Treasurer

This Article of Action provides the information to begin what will be known as a "New Business Mint Program".

This program uses "family fund" SIM to further income opportunities of @dcitygame nations that participate in the program.

The mint program implements the use of collective accumulated SIM from 2021 to allow for further income increases in 2022.

Stay tuned for further updates on businesses minted.