Nov. 25, 21: Routine, Hive Moar Pamp!, Oculus, Garage Putzing, Dinner, and Games

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Although I made it until five thirty today, I was relatively late to bed and so ended up another hour short. Between a pot of coffee and a Red Bull, I got through the day alright, though. 😜

Spent some time chatting with a doctor friend from high school. He connected me with a civil rights lawyer in the area that may provide me an option if faced with get the shot or lose your job…even having to get tested all the time is onerous and rediculous. The vax does not prevent infection or transmission and there’s evidence that infected vaxxed people carry higher viral loads and so are, in fact, more infectious! It appears that this state is either not allowing any exemptions or requiring you to appear before a council and justify your religious beliefs, so a religious exemption with a cover letter from a lawyer may not even be enough.

The more and more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I will walk away if it comes to any of this…they’ve already made quite a lot of money off my skill and labor and I’m not as easy to replace (with a masters in education and another in math and decades of teaching experience) as it might seem. But, I have a strong feeling that it isn’t about my (or anyone’s) well-being, rather about “compliance,” and whether they want to or not they will obey.

I can only hope that a federal judge rules that they can’t continue forward with this. Two weeks to flatten the curve, eh?

Got on with the usual morning routine and was pleased to find MATIC still gaining nice ground and even more pleased to see HIVE just absolutely on a rocketship!!!


Was actually fun to obsessively check my account value today! 🤣


I didn’t realize until later that Bittrex had HIVE wallet shut down and so that was not even close to reflecting the price! We got all the way up over $3 🤩🥳 And my account was nearer to two hundred grand than not! 🤯🤑

Not sure if this is at all sustainable, but it does give some real hope of establishing a much higher floor than previously! 👍

Did my post and a few chores around the house and then watched some of a new Beardo Benjo video reviewing a new Oculus game that’s coming out. That got me thinking about Oculus and I decided to check the app. They had a daily deal on I Expect You to Die 2 and the first one was pretty fun, so I got it and played through the first level. It’s even more fun because I haven’t seen any gameplay/spoilers so I have to figure it out from scratch. Was surprised that I got through the first mission on only the third try! 💪

Since I did have the whole day off, I wanted to get some work done on the Model A, so left the game for another day and suited up to go out to the garage. Spent some time looking into heaters…thinking that might be helpful for the months ahead.

Did some more cleaning on the backing plate and started onto the shoes and the hub. If there’s a surface, you can pretty much bet it’s covered in grime. 😢


It does seem like either brake fluid leaked or water got in toward the top. The bottom of the shoes as well as the plate aren’t very rusty, but it gets worse as you go up, particularly on the back shoe.



I also find this very concerning:


Looks like someone went after it pretty good with a hammer! Thinking I’ll probably need to file those down or else risk the hub rubbing. The inner surface of the hub does have some pitting, and that’s not good, I’m sure, but I’m still trying to work with what I’ve got. I think it may lead to the pads wearing faster, but not sure if it will affect the brake performance…getting new ones is very expensive and so is getting them resurfaced. 🤷🤔

Of course, today was Thanksgiving, and Wenche and I were invited to Mom’s house for dinner. She made several recipes that she’d never tried before, but after struggling a while with getting the pork up to temperature, it was quite good.

Afterwards we played a game of Rummicube and I won this time! 🥳 Wasn’t too late when we got home, but well past my usual bedtime. I tried to play some Splinterlands, but rage quit before long.

We put on some Friday Night Dinners, but I think we both fell asleep pretty quickly.

Negative eighty-seven minus two for a crisis and minus god knows how much for a bank robbery is twenty-nine. What the fark is going on here dShitty?! I guess it’s probably got something to do with the fast rise in the price of HIVE.




Well, it’s been several weeks since I’d gone into CryptoSuckmaster, but I finally did. As I was sure was the case, all the paywalls are still up. Seems like the only thing I can possibly do is dump the thousand plus CBM. Don’t think that’s going to cover it, though. 🤬

Just did a couple more missions on Rising Star today. My Ego is going up a bit, so might need to do some lessons soon, but for now just trying to build my level. Still need some more fans as well, and I do have some Starbits saved, so looking like I need to check the market.


Was over at Mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner this evening, so didn’t get a chance to start on my Splinterlands quest until late.


I started off fairly well, but then basically erased all my progress. I got frustrated and tired and so quit for the night. Tried to finish in the morning and it was even worse. 🤬



I did have a bit of a win streak and broke up into Diamond, but those gains were immediately erased.


So, at the time of writing, I still haven’t completed my Death splinter quest from yesterday, nor have I regained any position. I did, however, receive my brawl rewards and got another Gladiator pack:


Still just counting down, staring at the clock, so staked up my SPS drop for today. I guess they’re going to be spewing Vouchers at double the rate and with fairly limited application (for bonus packs on large purchases), so seems likely that the price will tank. The floodgates haven’t opened yet, though, so I might sell the one I have left in H-E before it gets too bad. They might still be required for the next round now that I doubt myself, will have to double check.

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