May 11, 22: Routine, Teaching, TV, and Games

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Man! It’s been awesome!!! Slept nine to six and even with the usual broken waking up in the night, I ended with another full eight hours. 🥳 Been getting some rocking sleep the last few days…definitely helps with mood and motivation!

Getting up at six and needing to start getting ready to go by seven doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for the usual morning routine. Of course I checked the crypto markets, and I don’t think I need to even mention it, do I? 🤬😭🤬😡😭😭

Got a half-way (literally) decent post done and published before I left. Tried to get as much done as I could, but definitely not up to my usual standards. Anyway, got out the door and on the road a couple of minutes early and the drive went smoothly, so I was there with a ton of spare time. Just sat out in the car for a bit and got frustrated with the phone signal and then headed in for class.

Been kinda’ thinking about reviving my work on my thesis; it’s been a while since I really tried to focus on it. I was watching a Numberphile video on YouTube and the guy said something that echoed in my mind…usually if you have two ways to solve something, playing them against one another reveals a new insight. Not sure it directly applies, but got me thinking that I have proven two different ways to prove the statement (just not been able to actually prove either of them)…maybe there’s something interesting in trying to play them against each other. 🤔

There is, still also, the current avenue of inquiry I was working on last and kind of petered out on…it’s a geometric argument that would really suit and please me, but I need to understand a group action better than I do (and it may end up not working anyway).

Then, of course, there’s the whole website thing. Been like months since I actually made any progress with that. I think the only way forward now is to entirely switch my webhosting and basically restart (in a different Linux environment than I’m used to and with a bunch of new tools and programs and languages that I don’t have much if any experience with 😱); got to remember that I enjoy learning new things, shouldn’t be so scared of it.

We started in properly to Calculus II material today and we looked at finding the area between two curves and then finding volume by disk/washer and shell. I showed them the idea built up from the definition of pi, to the circumference of a circle, then building the area from circumferences, then building a disk or a cylindrical shell. After we got the idea, we just tackled a bunch of examples solving them both ways. Unfortunately, I made an error on the last problem and gave it to the students as a bonus point to find my error (I found it when I redid the problem after I got home - was bothering me - I multiplied instead of dividing on one step).

I was a bit more mindful of the time this class and let them out at the correct time and headed out to the car to snag a sandwich for lunch real quick. Half hour lunch does tend to be a bit of a rush, but it’s nice I’m not sitting there killing time.

Headed back in for the second go round. Again! I made a mistake on the last question and gave it as a bonus point (I dropped a negative on one of my evaluations). A student did find it, though, and posted it in the Discord. 😄🤓

The drive home wasn’t too bad either and I got home around four thirty or so. Was hungry, but didn’t feel like making any dinner, so just made myself another sandwich.

That was more or less the whole day. I did mess around on Discord for a little bit in the evening and played my Splinterlands, but that was fairly early and just binged Rick and Morty for the rest of the evening.

Alright! Now we’re back to the proper dShitty shittiness we know and love. We’re not at shit saturation any more, now it’s back to having a positive income and then finding “mathematical” excuses not to make good on it (General Crime this time). That’s more like it!



I guess the months have gone by and I’m finally at the precipice of level 55. Really not sure if I care any more. I did consider checking the market for some more cards, but then spending the Starbits would go against the hodl goal to a million…but it might make it go faster, I don’t know. Not sure if income multiplier actually has any effect or not.


There wasn’t a fireball’s chance in Hell that I’d go in on HashKings today; way too busy. I suppose I need to deal with it here. I was incredibly surprised that they got theycallmedan to vote for their proposal! Good on them, I guess, I just don’t think putting DHF funds into the pocket of someone with a proven track record of failed projects and an admission of unsustainability in the proposal itself seems like something worth voting for…boohoo, my principles mean I won’t get their special avatar. 😢




I did crack down and get a relatively early start on my Splinterlands quest. Had the Sneak quest left outstanding from yesterday and I decided to get caught up.


I got really close to Diamond II, but of course started on some losing streaks. I did, though, make some solid progress in the ranks at the end of the day.



Got my Sneak quest done and then got three wins without neutral monsters for today’s quest and finished them both still in Diamond III. Did get one Epic, but mostly fodder otherwise:



Got my brawl participation reward and had enough for another Gladiator pack:


Staked my SPS drop, which fell hard again. 😢 Didn’t really have time to mess with vouchers, though, just waiting.

I forgot my Wordles today for like the third day in a row. 😭

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